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Yara ImageIT is a smartphone app designed to measure nitrogen uptake in a crop and generate a nitrogen recommendation based on photographs of the crop. ImageIT calculates nitrogen uptake based on leaf cover, leaf green color and estimated fraction of brown leaves. The app also generates an...

ICTs are pivotal for the future of agriculture. As they are finding an ever important space in most sectors of everyday life, agriculture should't be an exeption. ICTs can help in...

ICT for Social Good is a grant for local innovators in low-income countries. The grant will be for projects, realities and innovative ideas using digital technology for social aims, and most importantly, created with a bottom-up approach. 

The general goal of the grant is...

By the year 2050, the world population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion: demand for food will grow dramatically. Following a present trend, 2/3 of this population will be concetrated in big cities. In sub-saharan Africa, the number of 15-24 year olds will dramatically increase.


Preliminary results of a study shows that using drone technology could cut labour and costs spent in collecting data for maize breeding by at least 10%.


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