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The e-Agriculture Community of Practice is a global network with member participation from around the world.

This area offers you the opportunity to learn about and connect with others. Below you may browse members' profiles or find members by countries.

The members have a common interest that brings us together: improving institutions, processes and the use of technologies in the area of ICT for agriculture and rural development, in order to have a positive impact on rural livelihoods.

The e-Agriculture Community is made up of individuals from academia, extension, farming, research, schools & universities, government, NGOs & CSOs, international organizations, the private sector, mainstream and specialized media, communication networks, and others with an interest in the field of ICTs for agricultural and rural development.

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Orange color badges are assigned to current members of the e-Agriculture team, while green badges designate Featured Members. We recognize the valuable contributions of previous members of the e-Agriculture team with a golden badge on their profiles.

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