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Agricultural Value Chains and ICT

ICTs play an important role in agricultural value chains, with different types of ICT having different strengths and weaknesses when applied to particular interventions. The impacts of ICT are diverse, and they influence market competitiveness in different ways. However, technology should not overshadow the people and institutions involved. While the positive impacts of ICT are being catalogued and discussed, many rural farmers still do not have access to or the capacity to use ICT.

It is clear the impact of ICT in Agriculture Value Chains is diverse, and influences the market competitiveness in different ways. Given the importance of context and the rapid development technology, it can be difficult to determine whether the appropriate tool now will persist in being the appropriate tool in the future.

In this section, you can find a wide range of materials that look at key opportunities and challenges of ICT interventions in the agricultural value chain with a special focus on the most beneficial interventions in rural areas.










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