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Location: France

I’m currently graduating from a Master of ICTs’ economics. I just finished a six month internship with the WSIS Team at the ITU. It was really interesting and allowed me to be sure that ICTs and agriculture is the field I want to study. I learned a lot about the digital gap, and the way developing countries have implemented their own models of connectivity through (mobile phones...). During my research I wondered why we always impose our views on those countries. Speaking about their weakness while we should be trying to help them explore their strengths. I was more and more interested in case studies about the use of ICTs in agriculture and the e-Agriculture platform was a very important source of literature. Therefore I am here, trying to help with my own skills. My vision for the future would be to work internationally in a field linked to this topic or to find a sponsored PhD. Another possibility would be the company that I’m trying to build, in order to help local farmers to reach their customers, works out

Blog posts by Brieuc de Roquefeuil:
Ce stage à e-Agriculture aura incontestablement été une expérience des plus enrichissantes. Passionné par l’utilisation des TIC dans l’agriculture, force est de constater qu’il m’aurait été difficile de trouver meilleur endroit pour améliorer mes compétences et approfondir mes connaissances. En... more »
Hi, my name is Brieuc de Roquefeuil, and I will be a member of the e-Agriculture Team until the end of the year. Among other things my main task will be to focus and increase the francophone part of the e-Agriculture platform. What’s about me, I’m currently graduating from a Master of ICTs’... more »