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Heart Emeralds Top 5 Mobile Applications for 2015

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5 Top Agriculture Mobile Apps in 2015

Over the years, we’ve been presented with various technologies that have revolutionized the agricultural sector. Richard Duncombe from the University of Manchester believes that mobile technologies, in particular, can assist rural development and future research to better and faster improve services in the industry. Click here to view his literature review and suggestions.

Some smartphones are created specifically for field workers - imagine a handset that cannot withstand a few bumps and bruises; it just wouldn’t be ideal for the agricultural industry. Thus, brands like Sony have produced and perfected producing waterproof and robust smartphones ideal for field workers. Their latest phablet (the Xperia Z3 Plus) was featured by O2 for its ability to withstand up to 1.5 meters of water for up to half an hour. Thus, it’s the perfect device for agricultural workers exposed to extreme weather conditions.

There are also mobile applications that are specifically made for farm laborers and owners. Here’s a list of the five top agricultural apps this year that can make your life easier:

1. Sirrus for the iPad
This app allows users to digitize field boundaries, check weather conditions, put rainfall estimates per field into graphs and record soil samples. SST Software updated the app to include features such as soil sampling, high-resolution background imagery, GPS field boundaries and record scouting data.

2. iCropTrak Soil App
Cogent3D introduced their new app that specializes in soil sampling. The iCropTrak allows you to record field boundaries and zone, list down all crops, and records all your different farmland. It can export soil sampling results quickly via a single button, informing lab and customers through email all the information about the soil quickly they require.

3. Agrivi
Agrivi app offers farmers effective guides to improve their production and increase sales. Based on the best production processes of more than 60 crops, it features project-oriented farm management that assists in tracking all farm activities and inputs, manage inventory, and monitor success rate and sales in real-time.

4. Connected Farm
Start collaborating smartly and seamlessly. Connected Farm allows farmers and agronomists to share data quickly via the app. Data such as geo-referenced photos, scouting attributes, and field map boundaries can be shared among all members of the group in real-time. It can also record and produce clear images of any crops from corn and soybeans to cotton and wheat.

5. MachineryGuide for Android
One of the first guidance software programs, the MachineryGuide turns your mobile devices into a precision GPS system for tractor via its antenna. The apparatus can be used for any farming tasks and activities that are done by a tractor or other agricultural machinery. It is also a reliable tool for land measurements.

Technology will continue to reshape and revolutionize the agriculture and farming sector. If you believe the same, bookmark our page and keep informed of the latest eAgriculture tech trends on the website.


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