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ICT to revolutionize Indian agricultural sector

Dhananjaya P. Singh's picture

Information Communication Technology (ICT) can revolutionize Indian farming sector and can benefit all farmers, including small land holders, marginalized and poor farmers.

ICT-Based Knowledge Dissemination Model in Agriculture - Dr. D. P. Singh, NBAIM, Mau, India.

Despite the availability of farming resources in the nearby areas, there always remains a lack of agricultural information, some times most basic, related to seeds, farming practices, climate, diseases and pests, harvesting mechanisms, application of farm machinery, post-harvest strategies and finally proper marketing.

Lack of information or untimely-given information, when coupled with other factors like environment leads to a huge loss in the crop produce or crop quality or sale price of the crops and ultimately farmer suffers heavily. Therefore, strategies should be made to equip farmers with all kinds of information right from the seed sowing up to the harvesting and marketing of their farm produce from time to time to reduce losses and promote rural livelihood and food security.

Since farmers in many parts of India including Eastern Uttar Pradesh are now becoming mobile and internet friendly day-by-day, the penetration of useful each and every minute information regarding crops, soils, climate, cultivation practices, financing, storage of produce and marketing in the farming communities is becoming easy, popular and also gaining importance. Much concerted efforts from Government, Non-government and Industry side is now a demand of high time to make our farmers ICT-friendly so that the benefits of fast developing technological advancements in farm production, storage and marketing can be equally shared among all communities and sectors of the rural society.



rakshit_agrawal's picture

Sir I really appreciate your views and aim to provide my full support to the cause. I myself have been active in bringing best out of ICT for agriculture development in India. My project GreenSky India actually focuses on information needs of smallholder farmers and other stakeholders in agriculture. I'm working on solutions for farmers and it is really great to see people from inside the system discussing the need of ICT on e-agriculture forum.

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Just by conserving plant and animal residues and their bioconversion can generate electricity, fuel for cooking and excellent organic manure for diverse crops worldwide, utilizing biogas technology. This simple technology if sincerely implemented, global warming and climate change would become a history. To accomplish this task, Rural Youth Clubs (RYC) need to be established where the members would be trained on resource conservation techniques including rain water harvesting techniques, sanitation and personal hygiene etc. It is very essential to sense the pulse and priorities of rural population for their participation.