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National e-agriculture strategies Workshop held in Hungary

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From 22 to 24  June, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Gödöllõ Agricultural University and International Telecommunications Union co-organize a three-day Regional Capacity Development Workshop on National e-Agriculture Strategies in Europe and Central Asia. Held  in Gödöllő-Budapest, the workshop  gather 18 countries from the region.  The participants from Eastern Europe and Central Asia include decision-makers and practitioners in the use of Information and communication technologies in the sector of agriculture, forestry and fishery.

Recently, FAO has been developing a National e-Agriculture Strategy Guide which aims at assisting countries at mainstreaming ICTs in agriculture and developing or revitalizing a country’s e-Agriculture strategy in alignment with the agriculture goals and priorities. The Guide can be used as useful resource to facilitate country decision makers in developing a national e-Agriculture vision, action plan and implementation strategy. The existence of a comprehensive national strategy can prevent e-Agriculture projects from being implemented in isolation - resulting duplication of efforts and resources - and develops efficiency gains from intra sector and cross sector synergy. In addition, a participatory planning and strategic approach in ICT applications in agriculture are contributing to improving inter-institutional collaboration, transparency and trust in authorities.

Specific objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Bring together policy makers and practitioners involved in the use of ICTs for agriculture, forestry and fishery to explore synergies and collaboration

  • Present and review the e-agriculture strategy guide

  • Collect and share experiences

  • Discuss the role of national and thematic networks

More information about the workshop can be found here.