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    Mobile technology for development! Yes, we all try to taste the success of mobile: mobile applications for fund transfers in micro-insurance, introducing smart cards for health care, mobile apps for agricultural trading, and so on. We also note and quote the challenges when it comes to engaging the...

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    Join the online discussion from 6 to 20 February 2013 on landportal.info or share you thoughts here in this blog. Content posted here as well as on the other participating platforms will be reviewed for the summaries. (En français.) (En español.) Connecting people, sharing knowledge,...

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  • Stephen Haggard's picture

    I recently discussed the growing interest of Chinese investors in software, comms and media in Africa on the CHINA AFRICA PODCAST. The Baidu deal to put its search engine on all ORANGE handsets in Africa shows the way it's going. See more on itunes or follow the link https://itunes.apple.com/gb/...

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    Blog by the CGIAR Consortium crossposted from the GCARD blog and CGIAR.org. Ask a young person what they wish for their future, and very few will mention agriculture. Whether as a farmer, researcher or extension officer, the production of food tends to be a last resort, not the positive...

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  • Sulah Ndaula's picture

    For the decade of 2000s, I was anxious that telecentres would become the way of life – linking rural people to their urban counterparts and the markets, than ever before. In each telecentre expedition I made; from India to Sri Lanka, Costa Rica to Canada, Hungary to Spain, and through Africa, the...

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    Fréjus Thoto joined the e-Agriculture team in January 2013, and he will be working remotely from Benin during the next months, providing special support to the French interface of e-Agriculture: www.e-Agriculture.org/fr  I am Fréjus Thoto, originally from Benin, a west-African country. I am...

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    In the international development community, the dominant technology discussion is currently about mobile phones, applications and mServices.  That discussion clearly has merit. According to the International Telecommunications Union, there are now 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions globally,...

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    Kiringai Kamau is a Social Entrepreneur. He has founded VACID Africa as an Africa Wide Capacity Building initiative that promotes networking among development institutions, workers and partners. Watch Kiringai's new interview on the e-Agriculture YouTube channel  Agriculture is, to many African...

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  • rakshit_agrawal's picture

    Please read this article on the "Current Scenario of Indian Farmers" and join us in our efforts to bring a positive change in Indian Agriculture. In 2012, we developed various ideas and concepts for integrating Information and Communication Technology with Agriculture and helping it's development...

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    The turn of the century was a time when advances in modern information and communication technology (ICT) brought hope to governments, individuals and the broadly defined development community. These new technologies could not only speed, but also extend the reach of information to people who had...

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