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Assessing the impact of a commercial mobile agriculture (mAgri) solution

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Assesing the impact of a commercial mobile agriculture (mAgri) solution is a study "that provides an evaluation of the impact of the Connected Farmer mAgri solution and documentation of the lessons learned during its implementation. It focuses on the case of Connected Farmer adoption by Kenya Nut agribusi- ness in Kenya and is based on qualitative individual and focus group interviews with Kenya Nut’s man- agement, staff and the smallholder farmers in its sup- ply chain, carried out in February and March 2016." 

"The research shows a positive impact onthe productivity of both the agribusiness and the smallholder farmers in its supply chain. It shows that by streamlining the value chain management and creating change in processes, Connected Farmer functionalities lead to efficiency outcomes and, thus, greater profitability for multiple market players.The study also highlights the challenges faced during the adoption of the Connected Farmer solution. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to product design and adoption implementation, ensuring that both facets are in- formed by the findings of in-depth farmer behavior research and an analysis of constraints to adoption. Moreover, the study underlines strong partnership between the agribusinesses and the mobile network operator selling the service as key to successful im- plementation.The study concludes with the overarching recom- mendations for overcoming these challenges and ensuring effective adoption of Connected Farmer or similar mAgri mobile solutions across different agri- cultural value chains." 

You can download the study here: