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CTA Top 20 innovations that Benefit smallholder farmers

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The CTA has gathered its top 20 innovations that benefit smallholder farmers by summarising and illustrating these in colourful easy-to-print posters. In late 2013, CTA embarked on a journey to discover what innovations in agriculture were taking place under the radar in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). The project aimed to unearth and boost the awareness of the many innovations that research organisations, universities, extension services and farmers have developed and are being used by smallholder farmers. According to Judith A. Francis, CTA's Top 20 innovations coordinator, "Knowledge from multiple sources is being used to transform the agricultural enterprise and there is no exception. Innovation is taking place and should be supported by governments, the private sector and funding agencies." For her, the Top 20 Innovations should be promoted through different channels and among different audiences so that they can eventually be upscaled for the benefit of smallholder farming and agricultural transformation.

At this link you could find all the Innovations have been documented!

Have a look and spread the word!