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ICT and Mobile Phone Use for Agricultural Knowledge Sharing by Cypriot Farmers

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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to reveal the current situation regarding the use of mobile phones as a mean  of information sharing by Cypriot farmers. In particular, a project at the Agricultural Research Institute  is underway, to survey methods currently used for agricultural information and knowledge sharing,  to determine the level of satisfaction of the farmers of the available sources of information, and to suggest  how ICT tools can be applied to help in transferring agricultural knowledge to farmers who live and work  in rural and remote areas. The results showed that nearly 98% of the farmers in Cyprus use the mobile  phone as a source of agriculture information. Furthermore it was found that there are no differences between  educational groups and between crop farmers and their livestock counterparts concerning mobile phone  usage. Future research is needed to examine the factors that affect mobile phone usage, its usefulness  and the possible benefits for the Cypriot farmers.

Author: G. Adamides, A. Stylianou

Agricultural Research Institute