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Launch of the World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends

Alice Van der Elstraeten's picture

Yesterday, January 14th the World Bank launched the World Development Report 2016 - Digital Dividends.

The report focusses on digital dividends, which is, the broader development benefits from using digital technologies. Even though digital technologies have spread rapidly in much of the world, digital dividends have lagged behind. The report looks into how the remaining digital divide can be closed but goes beyond that knowing that access will be not enough to ensure that the impact of the digital technologies benefits to all.

The report develops around the following main messages:

  • Digital technologies can be transformational - by promoting inclusion, efficiency and innovation
  • Benefits often remain unrealized - and development impacts have fallen short
  • The digital divide is still wide - booth in access and capability
  • The largest barriers are not in technology - the digital revolution brings benefits but also risks
  • The digital revolution needs a strong analog foundation - regulations, skills and institutions

You can download the full publication and the main messages in different languages on the World Development Report 2016 webpage