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M-Kisan Portal-An innovative Knowledge Management Model in Agricultural Extension

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Introduction of mobile phones opened a new era of information dissemination and service delivery in the agricultural sector. Starting with short messaging service (SMS) and voice messages, it crossed leaps and bounds, revolutionalized the agri information sector in each and every stage of farming. But lack of an effective mechanism for customized information delivery seemed to be a major drawback of many of these initiatives. Besides efforts in converging the distinct features of mobile phones in meeting the knowledge needs was largely missing. Plugging this gap seems to be the chief aim of M-Kisan Portal, an innovative knowledge management tool conceived by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Government of India. Started in 2013, the portal was designed from a farmer’s perspective and   has a number of features like Pull SMS,USSD and value added services like Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Push SMS, buyer seller platform, and a number of customized mobile applications. It has created its own data base of farmers or incorporates the data from other reliable sources like Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS) which is intended to serve the Kisan Call Centers (KCC).  It can be concluded that this flagship initiative underscores the capability in making an inclusive knowledge management model to supplement the public extension system and to meet the information needs of farmers.