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Mobile early drought warning system

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Abstract: Drought is a recurring climate event characterized by below-normal precipitation over an elongated period; a  natural disaster that can be minimized through early warning system. Frequent and severe drought has become  a recurring theme around the world; the challenges become more devastating for countries with agrarian  economies. This research builds on two areas: freely available metrics for predicting drought and ubiquitous  mobile devices. Rural communities, where farmers that benefit most from early drought warning systems live,  often have poor telecommunication network infrastructure, which limits access to drought warning information.  By utilizing the ubiquitous mobile phone as the platform for delivery this study bridges the gap in making  drought warning systems easily and quickly accessible, in particular for rural communities where mobile phones  are their only telecommunication network infrastructure.

To address these issues we study the research question: How to build and implement a mobile early drought warning system.

Suggested Citation:
Negash, S. & Berhan, G. Mobile early drought warning system. AWERProcedia Advances in Applied Sciences. 
[Online]. 2013, 1, pp 622-626. Available from: http://www.world-educationcenter.org/index.php/paas. Proceedings of Gobal Conference on Environmental Studies (CENVISU-
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