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The new version of the Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP) is on-line

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The new version of the Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP) is on-line. The Family Farming Knowledge Platform gathers digitized quality information on family farming from all over the world; including national laws and regulations, public policies, best practices, relevant data and statistics, researches, articles and publications. 

Among the new features:

- The “Regional Pages”

A dedicated page to each FAO Region; as for the country pages, the purpose is to offer a fast and reliable way to access region-specific information on family farming without the need to search in each section of the platform. The Regional pages also represent a tool to showcase the FAO work implemented in the context of the Regional Initiatives.

- The “Thematic pages”

A horizontal icons menu allows users to open thematic pages including information on fundamental aspects of family farming (Agroecology, Mountain Farming, Forest Farming, etc.). This, not only enriches the content of the FFKP by providing a deeper insight into some vital aspects of family farming, but it also links users to the existing FAO websites and hubs.

- The “Join us” button

In addition to the “Submit a contribution” feature, already available in the FFKP and mostly addressed to general users, it is now possible for organizations and institutions interested in becoming contributors of the FFKP to directly request to participate to the initiative by filling out an on-line form. This in view of accelerating and simplifying the establishment of collaborations with external data providers.  

Today, at 8 months from its launch, the platform is visited by more than 7 000 users a month.