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How to become a member?

Interested to become a member of the e-Agriculture Community of Practice? Welcome! It is easy and free!

Becoming a member will allow you to subscribe to our newsletter or content updates, to contribute with content and blogs, comment on posts, to participate in discussion forums and to exchange with other members of the community.

When you register as a new member the HELP section of the website will be very useful to you to get acquainted with all the different functions of the website.

In order to register go to the following link : http://e-agriculture.org/user/register

When registering, please take into account the following recommendations:

  • Fill in the registration form as accurate as possible.
  • When registering you can subscribe for the newsletter
  • It is best to use your real name when you choose a user name. Your user name will appear when you post content or comments. It also makes it easier for other members of the Community to look for you.
  • Add a picture! It is always nice to have a face to a name when interacting with other Community members.

Once you have submitted your registration you will receive a confirmation email.