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How to post a news item, an event or a knowledge base item?

In order to post information on the website, you need to be a registered member. You will have to log in in order to be able to post information.

To post a news, knowledge base items and events you have to:

  • Go under Resources, click on “Contribute” (or click this link: http://www.e-agriculture.org/contribute )
  • Select “Post a news item” (or the type of article you wish to post: news, event or knowledge base item)
  • Insert a title
  • Add the text in the Body
  • Add relevant tags (to help users to find your article in the future)
  • Click Save (if you close the window without saving, you will lose your work)

Once you are done, the e-Agriculture team will receive a notification of your submission and review the article before publishing it. Once reviewed you will see your contribution online. 

So if you do not see your article online immediately after writing it – this is normal. It will be soon :)