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ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook

The ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook addresses mainstreaming information and communication technology (ICT) into 14 sub-sectors of agriculture (including rural finance, markets, value chains, extension, etc). The Sourcebook is freely available here. To disseminate this work and to get inputs from others in the field, the World Bank is organizing high-level/participative online forums on some of the modules in the sourcebook in partnership with FAO and the e-Agriculture Community.

These discussion forums are not only to raise awareness of the Sourcebook, but also other projects/programs that our partner organizations (like you) are doing. After each forum a report is being made to summarize the key issues, good practices, and case studies identified during the discussion. These reports along with other information from the forums can be found under “Resources” below. Links to the individual forums are also presented.

(Photo credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Neil Palmer (CIAT) - Source here)