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Agri-Info: Cloud Based Autonomic System for Delivering Agriculture as a Service

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Cloud computing has emerged as an important paradigm for managing and delivering services efficiently over the Internet. Convergence of cloud computing with technologies such as wireless sensor networking and mobile computing offers new applications’ of cloud services but this requires management of Quality of Service (QoS) parameters to efficiently monitor and measure the delivered services. This paper presents a QoS-aware Cloud Based Autonomic Information System for delivering agriculture related information as a service through the use of latest Cloud technologies which manage various types of agriculture related data based on different domains. Proposed system gathers information from various users through preconfigured devices and manages and provides required information to users automatically. Further, Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm has been used for efficient resource allocation at infrastructure level for effective utilization of resources. We have evaluated the performance of the proposed approach in Cloud environment and experimental results show that the proposed system performs better in terms of resource utilization, execution time, cost and computing capacity along with other QoS parameters. 

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