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Arifu platform Adaptive Learning System

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A first of its kind, the Arifu platform is an Adaptive Learning System that measures individual user needs and capabilities over Web and SMS in order to offer custom experiences that result in the greatest impact. Simple and robust, the platform works on any mobile device and over any mobile network to ensure the farthest reach possible.

Arifu digital learning experts work with the client's team to design and develop behaviourally-informed training, advertising, and data collection programs. For those who don't want to build custom programs from scratch, Arifu offers a growing library of rated content offered under open and royalty-based licenses from other providers.

Automated, real-time analytics and reporting at the program, content, and user levels enable organizations to quantify the impact of their programs and extract insights that will fuel innovation and informed business decisions. Users own their own data and can export it on demand from Arifu secure servers.

Arifu currently has over 360,000 farmers on its platform. They are spread across Kenya with 30,000 in Tanzania.

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