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CARICOM’s e-agriculture strategies: ICT Update issue 73

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Agriculture is a priority sector for the 20 member and associate Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). This article is about how the Caribbean Community is transforming its agricultural sector into a competitive and sustainable system of agricultural production and services in which ICTs will play a vital role. CARICOM's vision for the agricultural sector entails a complete transformation towards a market‐oriented, internationally competitive and environmentally sound system of agricultural production and services – one that provides improved food and nutrition security, especially for vulnerable groups. ICTs and their many applications can play a vital role in realising this ambitious vision.

Bridging information gaps

A key challenge faced by farmers and agribusinesses is a lack of knowledge about markets, sources of technology and business support. ICTs could be used to fill these information gaps. Market information gaps exist even within internal markets in the Caribbean region. The building of market information systems is therefore critical to ensuring that farmers and agribusiness persons are able to make the right decisions, plan ahead and link up with the necessary markets. Linking producers to regional and external markets means setting up robust market information and intelligence systems, which must be funded largely by the public sector.  

To learn more about Caribbean e-agricultural strategies, please contact CARICOM’s Secretariat: 
Margaret Kalloo – mkalloo@caricom.org,
Johan David – johandavid@caricom.org,
Nigel Durrant – nigel.durrant@crnm.org,
Jennifer Britton – ict4dstaff@caricom.org