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Connected Agriculture : The role of mobile in driving efficiency and sustainability in agriculture

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Mobile has the most potential to improve the income of smallholder farmers in developing countries in Africa, India and the Middle East. The up take of mobile technology (and mobile penetration rate)  for agricultural and rural development in the Global South has been on the increase. Connected Agriculture, is a report by Accenture and Vodafone on the role of mobile in driving efficiency and sustainability in the food and agriculture value chain, focuses on 12 opportunities that deliver broad socio-economic and environmental benefits.

The report hinges its proposal on the fact that mobile can help farmers improve agricultural productivity by giving them access to basic financial services, new agricultural techniques and new markets, in turn helping them to secure better prices for crops and a better return on investments.

Vodaphone is exploring the ways to use mobile to improve agricultural productivity through a partnership with agricultural stakeholders. They seek to explore ways in which mobile could improve productivity and income for agricultural producers, and reduce costs and improve traceability for buyers and processors.

The reports' 12 identified opportunities are grouped in four categories that were identified through stakeholder consultations, these are:

  • improving access to financial services
  • provision of agricultural information
  • improving data visibility for supply chain efficieny
  • enhancing access to markets

Kindly read the full report for differentiated servces and their expected impact.

For Vodafone's work on mobile farming click here



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You said that The middle east have this technology

Please would you like to tell me about Syria

Do you know any information ?

many thanks for this report



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Thank you for your comment, while the post was based on the Vodafone's work you can learn about Middle East mobile situation here 

Otherwise browse our news section for more information.