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On-demand mobile electricity: The Buffalo Project

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Many millions of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid are expected to acquire mobile phones, greatly benefiting their lives, business activities and access to information. Having an operational phone means access to services such as m-banking, water point mapping, and many other successful mobile services that have improved banking, health and farming in Africa. However, most of the new subscribers will not have direct access to electricity. The Buffalo Project  provides a simple and unique solution that can help foster economic growth and bring out greater prosperity in the lives of many. 

The Bufallo Project has created a unit which consists of a portable micro generator which has been developed to provide a new service: on-demand mobile electricity. This will fill the gap between existing single-charge solar units and more costly mini power station schemes in developing countries.

In addition to this, Buffalo provides environmental benefits through supplying zero CO2 power which translates into increased access to safe lighting, reducing respiratory complaints and indirectly tackles other problems such as the one created by kerosene lamps that claim the lives of 1.5 million people each year, over half of which are under the age of five.

 Read more about this project: http://www.buffalogrid.org/