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e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: senseFly and Moser Solutions

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e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: senseFly and Moser Solutions

Today’s webinar brings together two sides of a story. On the one side we have Jose Marchetti representing senseFly, a company that wants to make drone technology safer and more efficient. SenseFly’s drone solutions simplify the collection and the analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals in surveying agriculture, engineering and humanitarian aid to make better and faster decisions. On the other side we have Felix Moser, he is a Precision Agriculture Advisor who will share his experience of working in Mozambican orchards with the help of SenseFly’s autonomous drone eBee, the  Seqouia camera, and the softwares Pix4D and Global Mapper.  He will talk about the challenges encountered in monitoring 200 000 trees on a 1000 ha farm where data is periodically collected to  assess plant health and highlight the best solutions chosen for a successful project execution with tangible results.

José Marchetti is the Regional Sales Manager at senseFly for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is responsible to support and develop the distributers network in the regions but also works on produc presentations and collaboration with research and educational institutions.

Felix Moser is a Precision Farming Advisor and Renewable Energy Expert at Moser Solutions e.U. With 8 years of experience driving significant advancements in agricultural and industrial technology and energy programs, he now advises companies in their investment decisions in new technology solutions in South America and Africa.