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e-Agriculture Session at WSIS 2015

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Thursday 28 May from 11.00 to 12.45 (GMT+2) : Participate in the e-Agriculture Action Line Session Remotely and discuss with us how ICT4AG can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Go to the session page to read more and to connect.

This session will examine the contribution of e-agriculture to address the Sustainable Development Goals’ challenges. It will provide examples of approaches and include some of the factors affecting the free flow of information, the development of applications, ownership and inclusiveness, as well as the government policies to encourage solutions.

Speakers / panellists
  • Sophie Treinen, FAO, e-agriculture Action Line Facilitator and Chairperson
  • Hani Eskandar, ITU, Development of a National e-agriculture strategy guide
  • Ken Lohento, CTA, Open Data
  • David Soutar, SlashRoots Foundation, Application Development
  • François Lauwreys (TBC), IICD, Geo-Data
  • Mireille N’simire, IITA, Mobile Finance for Agriculture
  • Julien Gonnet, RONGEAD, N’Kalo: an information service for improved agro-value chains