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eLibrary Myanmar project increases access to knowledge

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Access to knowledge in Myanmar will take a leap forward from January 2014 as a result of an important new project, eLibrary Myanmar, which will be coordinated by EIFL.

eLibrary Myanmar Working Group Meeting at the University of Yangon, December 2013. (Front row left to right) Professor Dr Tin Tun (Rector, University of Yangon), Oleksandr Shtokvych (Senior Manager, Open Society Foundations' Higher Education Support Program), Rima Kupryte (Director, EIFL)“For the first time, academics and students will gain online access to a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary collection of scholarly resources.

Extensive training will also be provided to ensure that benefits to teaching, learning and research are maximized,” says Rima Kupryte, Director of EIFL.

“There have already been a number of exciting recent developments in higher education, and EIFL is delighted to have the opportunity to support the efforts of university librarians and academic staff in improving education and research in the years to come.”

The eLibrary Myanmar project is funded by the Open Society Foundations’ Higher Education Support Program and has the support of the Ministry of Education in Myanmar.

Read more at http://www.eifl.net/news/elibrary-myanmar-exciting-new-eifl-A2K-project