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The European Commission presents a strategy to mainstream digitalisation into EU development policy

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The European Commission presented on Thursay, May 4th, "Digital4Development", a strategy to mainstream digital technologies into European Union development policy, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The EU lacks an appropriate framework for mainstreaming and ensuring an effective delivery of digital technologies and services. Digital technologies can be very useful in key areas for development, such as agriculture, job creation, access to micro-finance, education and health. The Digital4Development project is intended to be part of overall development strategies with partner countries and in partnership with the private sector.

The Commission aims to concentrate into four main areas:

  • Affordable broadband connectivity and digital infrastructure
  • Digital literacy and skills
  • Digital entrepreneurship and job creation
  • Digital technologies to enable sustainable development

The main objectives of the projects are to boost productivity and job creation, empower women, enhance democratic governance, and enable sectors such as energy, agriculture, education and health to deliver their full potential. The Commission will first concentrate in Africa where the digital divide is the greatest.

Source: European Commission