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Extent of ICT adoption by ACP Farmers: the case of Somaliland

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A new CTA working paper is publised on the topic of the " extent of ICT adoption by ACP Farmers: the case of Somaliland".

Executive Summary

"This working paper is a summary of the recent adoption of ICT for agriculture for effective production of honey and promotion of linkages between producers and consumers. The adoption of beekeeping practices and its application technology has expanded. To date, a number of honey producer cooperatives and companies are serving more than a million consumers. This case study provides a clear view of the benefits, challenges and limitations of ICT and the progress in smallholder farmers’ development.

ICT is important for Somaliland agriculture development and requires a long-term effort for its development. However, ICT and other technology for farming development are limited due to the instability of the Horn of Africa, particularly Somalia. ICT use has increased especially in terms of use of farmer mobile phones for communication and a few other applications. Expanding use of ICT has moved forward in the last two decades for smallholder farmers, although there has been inadequate provision of communication materials in training and mobilisation sessions in most development projects......."

Please address comments on this Working Paper to Benjamin K. Addom (addom@cta.int), Programme Coordinator, ICT, at CTA.

You can download the working paper here.