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FAO Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa nominated for WSIS Prize 2018

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The FAO Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa has been nominated to the WSIS Prizes 2018. We are inviting your vote for the project to win.

The selection of the projects will be done on the 19th to the 23rd of February and then announced during the WSIS Forum 2018.

To vote one needs to first register here and thereafter vote for the project. The deadline for voting is 18 February 2018 at cut off time is 23:00 CEST.


About FAO Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa

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WSIS Prizes 2018 timelines

The following timeline will be followed in the WSIS Prizes 2018

  1. Submission Phase  (11 September 2017 - 10 January 2018)
  2. Nomination Phase  (11 January  - 29 January 2018)
  3. Voting Phase          (29 January - 18 February 2018)
  4. Selection Phase     (19 February - 23 February 2018)
  5. Prize Ceremony      (19 March - 23 March 2018)

The project falls under the category 13 which covers the Action Line C7:E-Agriculture. Projects falling in this category cover the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Nominated Projects under  Action Line C7:E-Agriculture

The following is the list of the nominated projects within the category 13 browse the individual project for more information.

More information here