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Farmbook: a business planning tool for farmers

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Farmbook.info is a free exchange for farmers and others to buy and sell agricultural goods, raw materials, equipment, livestock, services and much more. It has been designed to ensure that sound business advice is being provided to farmers, due to the main challenges they face.

 What are the main challenges?

  • Smallholder farmers frequently operate outside of value chains, and lack the skills to analyze market opportunities and costs.
  • Traditional extension agents are trained to provide production advice, but may lack the tools to analyze markets and to test the profitability of the crop varieties or production techniques they promote.
  • Agriculture programs frequently measure outputs such as participation in trainings, new skills uptake and production output, but fail to capture the costs and impact on farmer incomes.

Farmbook is designed to be used as a business planning tool for farmers to support our work in “Value Chains for Vulnerable Farmers”; and to provide a systematic process to help field agents and farmers to improve decision making about food and financial security

 Farmbook provides facilities for:

  • Finding new suppliers and customers;
  • Exploring new products and trading opportunities;
  • Using additional trade information resources.

 How does it work?

In order to get access to the ads on the site one must registerOnce registered, you can search for ads within a certain distance, by navigating on the map or just by the categories of goods. If you find what you are looking for, you can contact the advertiser directly. The website is dynamic and allows traders to quickly register and post anytime. Pricing and delivery are left up to buyers and sellers to work out on their own