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The Farmforce platform

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Linking smallholder farmers to formal markets faces challenges with quality, quantity, and high transaction cost. Food safety standards, social and sustainability standards often are as much an entry barrier for smallholders as they are an opportunity. Pen and paper, lack of management information and unreliable data impose close limits to farmer linkage projects. 

The Farmforce platform is an initiative of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and is backed by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland. The technical platform is developed by a global team headquartered in Switzerland with an implementation and support team in Kenya. This structure provides the ability to provide clients with high quality software engineering combined with local, on call support. Once deployed, international cloud hosting results in superior system uptime with no additional hosting or infrastructure costs for Farmforce’s clients.

Farmforce is a cloud-based mobile platform that focuses on the agricultural “last mile” and specifically the management of outgrower schemes involving rural small holders in the developing world. Farmforce increases management information and transparency, documents compliance with food and sustainability standards (GlobalGAP, FairTrade, Organic), simplifies audits and provides traceability to the field level.

Farmforce gives agricultural businesses, aggregators, cooperatives exporters and agricultural processors who work with groups of outgrowers the ability to provide the following real-time operational capabilities through a centralized IT platform.​

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