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Remarkable Initiative

Source: http://www.it-rural.com/

A Team of software engineers, led by Thiruchelvam Ramakrishnan, during the year 2000 started the mission it-rural.com, with a strong belief that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) could play the decisive role in increasing the earning level of villagers (particularly smaller & marginal farmers) and improve the quality of their life through a series of facility related doorstep services in a sustained way.

They have done a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the present system by interacting with major stakeholders of rural sector namely government (bureaucrats, political administrators), bankers, input suppliers, scientists, markets and villagers, particularly farmers.

Attached are their research findings, proposed solution, summary of the pilot and future goals for the kind perusal of elite members of e-agriculture community.

The proposed model has been designed in such a way to enable the villagers to cross the financial, social and geographical barriers to utilize the potential of ICT to increase their earnings & improve the quality of life. It empowers the the Government to overcome the administrative constraints and limitations. It helps the research stations and farmers to establish a resonance frequency between them. It helps the business industries and financial institutions to enhance their operation and maximizing the returns.

The Pilot project is attached below but it may also be found within the website.

For additional information about the it-rural initiative, please refer to the official website and attached documents.


Lisa M Cespedes