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G7 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting communiqué: Empowering farmers, developing rural areas and enhancing cooperation to feed the planet

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The G7 Agriculture ministerial meeting took place in Bergamo, Italy, on 14 and 15 October. The Agriculture Ministers of the G7 Countries, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Economy of the African Union, representatives of the European Union and international organizations such as FAO, OECD, IFAD and WFP attended the meeting.
The Ministers discussed the protection of producers' income against market crises and emergencies related to natural disasters and climate change and the role of agricultural cooperation in migration management.
Credits: Ansa
Ministers acknowledged that the current agricultural crises are not only due to market volatility but also to natural crises such as earthquakes and climate change. This requires a discussion and urges governments to act immediately to provide concrete tools to farmers as well as to safeguard their income worldwide. These large scale crises are also forcing many people to migrate.
Many solutions were defined to fight these challenges, among which strengthening agricultural resilience, improving livelihoods in rural areas and strengthening knowledge by inveting in innovation and communication technologies.
Download the G7 Bergamo Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting Communiqué here