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Giving a voice to rural women: harnessing the potential of communication

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Submitted by rferrod on Mon, 07/03/2011 - 14:48

The shift in development thinking and practice towards people-centred programmes and the participation of people and communities in decisions concerning their own lives is creating new opportunities for social change and the empowerment of both women and men in rural areas. Nevertheless, it is vital to stimulate theFAO-RuralWomenir awareness, involvement and capabilities further.

Different methods of communication and media can facilitate development by encouraging dialogue and debate. Furthermore, they can give a voice to rural women, thus enabling them to articulate their own development agendas. Similarly, by fostering the exchange of knowledge and information, communication can stimulate women's awareness and motivation, allowing them to take informed decisions on the crucial issues affecting their lives.

  • Harnessing the potential of communication
  • Women's indigenous knowledge and communication
  • Communication as a social process
  • International Conferences recognize the role of communication
  • Women's Communication Needs
  • Participatory rural communication appraisal
  • Training in Communication Skills
  • Mayan women learn communication skills