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How technology is combating Climate change in African agriculture?

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Seeds and Chips recently published a piece by Marco Gualtieri who proposes that technology is combating climate change in African Agriculture.

In Africa, due to climate induced changes the availability of fertile land shrinks and this has sparked rural to urban migration. Ballooning urban population has skewed allocation of funds to cities and support for farming is slashed even further with an impact of lowering food production.


The article also notes that there is a need to find sustainable methods in food and rural agriculture; keeping young dedicated people on the ground and then equipping them with technologies to fully utilize their arable land.

The following proposals are made:-

  • Investment into supporting smallholder farmers , such as efforts by Gates Foundation
  • Investing in technology and making digital technology available to smallholder farmers across Africa, examples cited M-Pesa
  • Investing in soil, and weather applications that aid farmers to make informed decisions

Read more about this here