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ICT’s for development impacts on Ntulume Village Women’s Development Association (NVIWODA) entrepreneurs

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With the support of the grant from African Women Development Fund in 2009, Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA) built the capacity of 39 women member entrepreneurs, in the use and application of ICTs for enterprise development. The project was carried out in two Regions of Uganda e.g.Central and Western. Thirty nine (39), entrepreneurs and community based women group leaders benefited from the entrepreneurship and information and communication technology (ICT’s) capacity building workshops, which were conducted in Kabarole and Kampala Districts.
Awareness creation and  Training the women in use and application of Mobile phones as an accessible and affordable ICT’s tool changed many women lives. During evaluation women said the projects demystified technology and improved their self esteem and self confidence. “We no longer fear to neither touch a computer nor manipulate our phones, Sarah commented” after training.
A question rises, as to why we train rural women in ICT’s. On a happy note majority rural women practice agricultural and find it very difficult to market their agriculture outputs.
Introducing women to effectively use their mobile phones in accessing market was another benefit to the women. They now know the price of the crops and gain confidence to negotiate with the buyers.
As an organization, building women capacity in ICTs eases communications with its target via sms, because women have learnt to read their SMS messages.

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