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ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook: Connecting Smallholders to Knowledge, Networks, and Institutions

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Realizing the potential of ICTs in developing countries' agriculture, the Agriculture and Rural Development Department (ARD) of the World Bank in collaboration with InfoDev (part of the World Bank Group) embarked in an effort to explore and capture the expanding knowledge and use of ICT tools in agrarian livelihoods.
Credits: World Bank
The ICT in Agriculture e-sourcebook is intended to offer agriculture and other development practitioners a set of tested solutions, good practices, and methodologies, along with promising applications, that enable them to leverage ICT and harness innovation for more effective agricultural and rural development outcomes.
The sourcebook brings together thematic notes and over 200 case studies from all over the world into a single easy-to-use compilation for those working in the agricultural sector. The sourcebook is divided in fifteen modules, touching a wide spectrum of fields in agriculture, including risk management, gender, forest governance, and farmers organizations.

Download the Sourcebook here