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iGrow marketplace connects farmers, landowners, investors and crop buyers to create a complete supply chain for organic food

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Millions of underemployed skilled farmers and millions of hectares of underused arable land exhist all over the world, especially in developing countries. At the same time, the demand for high-quality organic food increases daily. According to FAO, our food production will have to increase dramatically to feed a growing population that will reach 9.7 billion in 2050.

iGrow is a marketplace that helps underemployed farmers, under-utilized land, and investors to produce high-quality organic food and sustainable incomes through cloud-based agricultural management software. The online platform connects farmers, landowners, investors, and crop buyers to create a complete farming supply chain.

Watch this introductory video on iGrow:

Credits: iGrow

In the first place, the iGrow team identifies crops with stable demand, prices and growing characteristics. In a second stage, the team finds arable land and the farmers to work on it. In a third stage, iGrow raises capital for seeds from urban people that want to have a connection with their neighboring countryside: this way they can literally see their investments grow. Finally, the platform connects all of these actors with the ultimate buyers, so everyone has a share of revenue and the consumers get their healthy crops.

iGrow is also an app and is avalable on App Store and Google Play. Until now in Indonesia iGrow has given work to 2,200 farmers and put 1,197 hectares of land to use, delivered 500 tons of healthy peanuts, and made farmers, landowners, and investors gain revenue for their work.

Source: iGrow