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New Colombian Portal "Siembra" officially launched

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The minister of Agriculture and the corporation CORPOICA, have launched a new web portal aimed at strengthening the agricultural information system in Colombia.  The portal "SIEMBRA", is a national system of science and agro-industrial technology, which will provide timely and up-to-date information for decision-making by all stakeholders in the sector.

In SIEMBRA, decision-makers, technical assistants , researchers and in general all the users involved in the agricultural sector, will find useful  complete documentation about demands, res

earch results and technology offers that exist for the various production chains registered to the Ministry of agriculture. The implementation of the SIEMBRA site will allow to better monitor the investment’s impact which makes the country in matters of science and technology.
The minister of Agriculture, Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar, reported that, together with Colciencias, a unique national agenda for science and technology for the agricultural sector will be adopted and that institutional adjustments will be made in order to organize a national system of science and agro-industrial technology Council, constituted in an advisory body in decision-making.


 Official Launch: Ministerio de agricultura
 SIEMBRA Portal: www.siembra.gov.co
 Tutorial video: