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A new device sends out an SMS to farmers to let them know when the cows are in heat

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 Source: New York Times - John Tagliabue

Switzerland - "A new device has been designed to implant sensors in cows to let farmers know when they are in heat, and when that is the case, the device sends an SMS to the farmer's phone (in German, French, Italian, English or Spanish). 
The device measures body heat, then transmits the result to a sensor affixed to the cow's neck that measures body motion. (Cows in heat become restless.) 'The results are combined, using algorithms, and if the cow is in heat an SMS is sent to the farmer,' said Claude Brielmann, a computer specialist who helped design the system. The detector on the cow’s neck is equipped with a SIM card so the farmer can pay for the calls"
Picture: Daniel Auf Der Mauer, for The New York Times