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New Website for the Yemeni Agricultural Research Agency "AREA"

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Although the Agricultural Research and Extension Authority (AREA) was the first agricultural agency to build a website, a special team in AREA is currently engaged in a a process of its website reconstruction that is expected to complete soon. The new website will be more comprehensive, interactive and more informational. A number of newly built specialized databases will be linked to the website covering a number of topics such as Yemeni farm researchers and their activities, summaries and abstracts of ongoing and completed research works among others. A considerable number of publications (books, bulletins, Farm technology guides) issued by AREA on paper will have another electronic version in the new website too. It will also include a sub-domain for the Yemeni Journal of Agricultural Research and Studies". At first only abstracts of journal articles may appear in the site. However, there is a strong dirction towards making a full electronic web-based version of the journal in line with the open access orientation of scientific communities in third world countries. Both Arabic and English pages will be part of the new AREA website. .

Khalil M. Alsharjabi