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Nigeria’s agricultural sector can be transformed through mobile apps

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On 31 of May 2014, the online magazine “Weekly Trust” published “Mobile tech can transform Nigerian agriculture”, written by Amina Alhassan.

In this article, the author interviews Nasir Yammama, a young and promising IT from Malumfashi, Katsina State, Nigeria, who has recently developed an agronomy mobile app.

Nasir grew up in an active farming family; he undertook studies in technology and at present he is a recognized IT, actively engaged in programming, graphics design, animation, and Creative Technology (i.e.: the intersection of science, technology, humanities and arts, which entire goal is the pursuit of innovation – Source: www.i-thought.org). Though, he did not forget his origins: “I wanted to have a role to play in farming, despite my career in technology”, he explains. “I felt mobile app development is the simplest, fastest and most effective means at my disposal so I decided to go for it”.

By brining together his expertise in technology and his agricultural knowledge, he developed an mobile app specifically designed for agriculture which has the potential of transforming "Nigeria’s agricultural sector ranging from the small subsistence farmers to the agro-industries and their stakeholders" Nasir states.

 To read “Mobile tech can transform Nigerian agriculture” and learn more on Nasir's experience, click here