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An open source global platform for economic development and rural development

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akvo.org is a non-profit organization that offers an open source online global platform focusing mostly on water and sanitation resources. At the moment, Akvo.org has 233 projects, 209 project partners and € 11.7M in project budgets that have served over 1,380,000 people.

In addition to water and sanitation, akvo.org's focus areas include: economic development for small-scale producers in rural and urban areas, making markets more accesible and supporting finance and sustainable business partnerships. Other focus areas are education, healthcare, and IT and communication.

An example of one of the many akvo.org projects is "Multimedia helps farmers to improve produce- Improvement of Agriculture Related Information Channels in Sisilli", dedicated to educating farmers as to how to improve crop production.

Akvo.org "shares internet and mobile phone tools that help connect a new generation of donors and the people who are transforming communities in some of the poorest parts of the world"