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Policy Brief: ICT and Agriculture in the Context of Green Growth (ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook forum #2)

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The World Bank, in collaboration with the e-Agriculture community and FAO, is holding a series of two week online forums. These e-forums stem from the launch of the World Bank's ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook (2011) and the growing demand for knowledge on how to use ICT to improve agricultural productivity and raise smallholder incomes. The following summary captures the discussion during one of the second forum in the series.

Climate change and "green growth" are at the top of the agricultural development agenda. Limited resources, population growth and environmental concerns all challenge agricultural productivity. This forum considered how information and communication technologies (ICT) can be used to advance climate-smart agriculture, which is defined as actions that "seek to increase sustainable productivity, strengthen farmers’ resilience, reduce agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration, while it strengthens food security and delivers environmental benefits" (World Bank, 2011).

The forum focused on two main components: 1) ICT as tools for land use planning and management, and 2) ICT as risk management tools for climate change adaptation. It builds on two ICT in Agriculture e-Sourcebook modules:  Increasing Crop, Livestock, and Fishery Productivity through ICT, and ICT Applications for Agricultural Risk Management, with the aim of identifying new trends and ICT tools that hold promise for green growth.