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Promising technological ideas to help the food system become more healthy, just and sustainable

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Forbes-. This article presents a list of technological innovations from the world of food and agriculture. From apps to on-farm GPS units in tractors, there are many examples of how technology can improve the food system. However, there is still a lot of space for innovation in the world of food and agriculture. Two cases of technology presented in the list are relevant for small-scale farmers:

 Technology to create better storage and tracking of food.

Trying to reduce food waste, Intelleflex is a U.S. pioneer technological system that helps create better storage and track food. Beyond that, the tags also record temperature and time data and immediately sends all the information to a cloud-based network. According to his article, the technology is inexpensive, therefore it can also be used by smaller scale farmers world wide who need to be integrated into the distribution chain.

 Small-scale, inexpensive “precision agriculture” tools for smaller farms.

From virtual fences to irrigation monitoring systems, smaller-scale farmers could also gain time and save money by using “precision agriculture” tools. Arduinoes and other inexpensive gadgets can help farmers farm more efficiently – and the field is wide open, and awaiting your creativity and innovation.

 Read full article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/bethhoffman/2013/01/17/interested-in-food-technology-five-opportunities-you-shouldnt-miss