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Read what young people have to say about ICT and agriculture on International Youth Day

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August 12th is International Youth Day. In recognition of the important role youth play in agriculture, a blog series has been sponsored by YPARD, in partnership with IFAD, ARDYIS from CTA, and e-Agriculture.

Three blogs dealing with ICT and agriculture are co-published by the e-Agriculture Community. Congratulate our young people for sharing their ideas and give them some feedback in the comments section of their blogs.

"Youth and innovation: What the ICT4D field needs" by Andrea Jimenez, a young person working on the e-Agriculture Team.

"Scenario of Youth Migration In Nepal" by Mahat Bivekananda, an undergraduate pursuing agriculture studies and YPARD local representative from Paklihawa Campus, IAAS, Nepal.

"Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward" by Dinesh Panday, a young professional in ICT for development and YPARD representative in Nepal.

You can read additional IYD blogs that are not about ICT and agriculture on the YPARD blog roll here.