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SatSure uses big data analytics and satellite imagery to help farmers in the agricultural insurance sector

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SatSure is a data analytics company which integrates satellite, weather, and IoT analytics with the agriculture sector in order to help farmer's financial security and crop insurance.

India is facing severe consequences due to climate change, such as droughts and floods. In the agricultural sector many insurance companies fail to provide the farmers with fair and timely compensation for losses incurred. There is also a lack of transparency in fixing the fair price for the produce. According to 33-year-old Abhishek Raju, founder of SatSure, technology must be used to mitigate both farm and financial distress.

Credits: SatSure

SatSure enables farmers to receive a fair and immediate compensation for crop loss due to adverse climatic conditions, and insurers to settle claims speedily due to the availability of data in near-real time.

“Our aim is to provide technology-based solutions for agriculture on a national level. Since most of the phenomenon related to agriculture are complex and highly interdependent processes, a lasting solution from the policy-makers is still some years away. This is the gap that SatSure wants to plug,” said Abhishek Raju.

Source: SatSure