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Seminar on FAO’s Farmer Field Schools programme and Global Platform

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The FAO Technical Network on Sustainable Crop Production and Agroecology will hold a Seminar on FAO’s Farmer Field Schools programme and Global Platform on Wednesday in FAO HQ with remote participation online at http://www.fao.org/webcast/en/ . All interested e-Agriculture CoP members can participate remotely

The Farmer Field Schools (FFS) was pioneered by FAO in 1989 as an approach to integrated pest management in rice production in Asia.

The advantage of the FFS is that they offer a hands-on learning that allows agricultural knowledge to be applied to promote sustainable agriculture approaches adapted to local contexts.


The seminar is planned to allow for interested persons to learn about the FFS platform and its potential to support their work.

To attend the seminar remotely http://www.fao.org/webcast/en/ on Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 9:30am - 12:00pm (GMT +1)

Global FFS Platform

It was set up in 2017 in collaboration with 15 external organizations with an aim of connecting the growing network of practitioners and organizations using the FFS.

Quick facts about the FFS platform include:-

  • a library of more than 300 FFS resources,
  • online profiles of FFS experts, and
  • a global email discussion group with over 900 practitioners from 100 countries

For more information here