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Six month internship opportunity with e-Agriculture

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You believe in the use of ICTs for agriculture, you are less than 30 year old, come and join the e-Agriculture team in Rome for six months.

Send us (info@e-agriculture.org) a personal profile form and a motivation letter before 22 January 2016.

You can download the pdf with the terms of reference, requirements, conditions and the specific instructions here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch: info@e-agriculture.org



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www.kisanmarket.com-------In this portal a farmer is identified / registered with his mobile number & all he/she has to do is enter the produce they have got, the quantity & the price he/she wants depending upon the price in the open market. The farmer will determine at what price he/she wants to sell.

In case if a farmer cannot work on internet, their children or neighbors or friends like you can help them post. The interested buyer will then contact them & negotiate the price which is mutually agreed & then the produce is picked up from the farm.

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This is a nice idea which need to be supported, it will brige the gab between demand and supply.