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Southern Africa telecentres run towards being Agricultural Knowledge Hubs

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The Southern Africa Telecentre Network (SATNET) facilitates exchange of experiences and linkages to improve knowledge exchange and collaboration among telecentres within the region. As part of a recent Forum Management and Development Workshop, SATNET has adopted as top priority the provision of Agricultural Information through an initiative of their Content Management, Services and Knowledge Sharing Component, where telecentres will play an important role. 

To date, telecentres are still considered one of the most effective means to increase the access of people to ICT, particularly of people living in remote rural areas. They are particularly useful to help communities gain access to market and pricing information and therefore improve their business performance.

This article reflects on the importance of agriculture development in the Southern African region and the potential for ICTs as effective tools  and telecentres as hubs for sharing and disseminating agricultural knowledge.

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